More About Me

Helping others is something I have always been passionate about.  The late Booker T. Washington said it best: “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” Becoming a REALTOR afforded me the opportunity to do what I love others.  It is a true pleasure when I can help someone navigate through one of life's biggest and most expensive financial transactions.

I am a Texas native; born and raised in the Houston area.   My husband and I are both retired Air Force Veterans.  The Air Force gave us the opportunity to serve our final assignment right here in Military City, USA.  San Antonio is a beautiful city, filled with great people, great opportunities, and AMAZING places to live. San Antonio and the surrounding area, offer a wide variety of housing options, something to fit just about any lifestyle need or desire. We are extremely proud to call San Antonio home.

Over the course of my 21-year military career, my family and I relocated six times.  Naturally, the relocation process generated a certain level of stress regarding finding a home at the new assignment location.  We consider our home to be a sanctuary; a place of safety, peace, and happiness. Therefore, finding the ‘right’ home for the family was a top priority with each move.  Having a real estate professional assist in the process was key to our success and sanity.

Buying, selling, or leasing a home are all important life decisions. I know first-hand the stress and joy of each one.  As your agent, I will do my best to eliminate your stress and make the process as smooth as possible.  I am standing by, ready and willing to assist in whatever your real estate needs may be.  Give me a call or send an email, I would be delighted to help!